Simplify Complex Fiber Connections

OSP Cables, Splice Closures, and Network Terminations. An internet application that helps users quickly understand and track important information about a OSP fiber network.

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  • Telnap Telecom
    "This program saves a significant amount of my time. Now, I plan fiber splicing and assign tasks to the installers through a smartphone, which greatly eliminates mistakes and significantly improves efficiency."
    Tomasz Łuksza
    Telnap Telecom Sp. z o.o.
  • fibkit_fiber_management_software
    "Initiating collaboration with FIBKIT is a transition from analog to digital. Finally, we have all the information about our network in one place. I recommend it to everyone."
    Robert Stec
    Futuro Exito Sp. z o.o.
  • fibkit_fiber_management_software
    "Fibkit is an intuitive application for the inventory of the telecommunication network, making work enjoyable. I recommend it because it's worth working with."
    Sławomir Adamiak
    TELENET.PL Sp. z o.o.

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OSP Fiber Connections

Efficient and clear OSP fiber connections management is at the core of our platform. Planned connections are highlighted in red for easy identification, with simple integration of splitters for enhanced flexibility.


Dashboards: OSP Cable, Splice Closure, Termination Panels

Our dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of all network elements, allowing users to seamlessly transition to detailed views of cables, closures, and terminations. Quick filtering options for OSP cables based on status—planned, in progress, or completed—streamline management processes.

Save Time with Specialized Features

Our platform offers a unique feature: a specialized view for splicing fibers, accessible on mobile devices. Technicians can easily view designated optical fibers for splicing and mark task completion directly on their smartphones, ensuring real-time updates and creating a comprehensive activity history.

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GIS Integration

Integration with GIS enhances the management of OSP cables, splice closures, cable slack, and termination panels, providing users with geospatial insights for optimized network planning and maintenance.


Fiber Route Diagram and Splice Schematics

Szczegółowe schematy tras włókien światłowodowych i schematów spawów włókien dostarczają kluczowych informacji o połączeniach światłowodowych, ułatwiając efektywne planowanie i rozwiązywanie problemów.


5 users

Manage many users with two types of permissions: full access or restricted access



of adding elements and generating schematics



Data Backup Services



Resources, Knowledge Base, Video Instruction

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With a focus on user-centric design, intuitive features and streamlined content presentation, our SaaS solution redefines OSP fiber network management, empowering users to streamline operations and drive success.

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