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Follow the process for planning and assigning fiber connections outlined below, and you will always have up-to-date information on fiber optics.


Select OSP cable for splicing

Select the splicing point, choose the cable.


Mark fibers for splicing

  • Scroll to view selected fibers.
  • When a fiber is selected from Cable side A, enter the fiber number from Cable side B and select the cable to connect from the dropdown menu. In Fiber settings, choose Plan splicing.
  • Planned connections are highlighted in red for easy identification.

Fibers designated for splicing - desktop view

Check on the computer if the fiber splices are correctly planned. Click on Planned tasks in the navigation, search for the splicing point name, and click on it.

Fibers designated for splicing - mobile view

Our platform offers a unique feature: a specialized view for splicing fibers, accessible on mobile devices. Technicians can easily view designated optical fibers for splicing and mark task completion directly on their smartphones, ensuring real-time updates and creating a comprehensive activity history.


Activity log

The activity log provides a detailed history of actions and changes related to fiber connections, offering users insights into previous operations and modifications.

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